Radio Shack's HTX-10 Now you can operate CW!

I just recently got my HTX-10 from Radio Shack. Its a real nice little 10 meter radio. Lots of good DX, and only a few watts, also. Mine gives me about 35 watts output, thought it is only advertized as 25 watts output. Anyway, its a great rig, but doesn't have any CW abilities! I searched and found a real good article by Jim, N5IB. This is a *.PDF file, takes a while to load, be patient! I used it as reference. It has the original article that was found in QRP Quarterly, April 2000. Jim uses a "Manhattan-style" of building, and manages to place the device in a Altoids© tin! I'm not good enough to be able to do that, so I just designed a little PCB from CIRCAD. CIRCAD is a great shareware program, and is really the BEST I have found for making these schematics into PCB's. Absolutely fantastic, and you can't beat the price! Go here for CIRCAD software

I put the whole thing into a medium sized box I got from Radio Shack. I am currently working out some bugs in my sidetone. At the moment, I am using a feed from my buffer transistor to drive the LM386 op amp. It gives you the same tone (about 800hZ) as the unit, but it is having some bugs. The actual PCB diagram, full-size, is available along with a project "job sheet", which includes components etc. Please contact me for details! Here's the board!

Here 'tis all snuggled in the box! In the upper edge I have mounted a sidetone board, I am de-bugging that one as we speak. I have got reports as far away as Florida, so I know I'm getting out! I will continue to work on this one, and I am now working on a PCB that will fit inside the Altoids tin. Its been a lot of work!!
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