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Here's me in my station. Iffat, my XYL, was thrilled when I finally moved down into the basement. In front of me (to my right in the picture) is my main computer, a big help when logging those elusive CW contacts. You can see my Drake speaker behind and to my left shoulder, my MFJ 941E tuner, my Heath HW-8 on the desk and the Heath HW-16 and HG-10B VFO right above that. Directly behind me is my main station, my Drake T4X and R4A "Twins". Miscellaneous QRP rigs by the Heathkit stuff, and my nice Radio Shack DX-398 Receiver is also behind me on top of my HW-8.

Newest project-Multi-band Crystal SW radio WOW!!

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CW Coder for HTX-10

Queen Mary Trip 2002

My radio experience has been great. I just started by monitoring the airwaves first, then began "on the air" early February, 2000. I just was able to get my venerable old Drake T4X and TR4 combo going... I love all that copper.

I got my upgrade to General in late March of 2000. I passed the 13 WPM CW test BEFORE the April 15th changeover, too. For some silly reason, that was important to me. I especially love CW and these older rigs just make it sound like music! Hi Hi. I just started getting into phone and its a whole new world. I also have used an old Heath HW-16, both rigs sending thru a dipole about 20-25 feet up on a good day. I wanted to go "step by step" so I thought I'd start out with the older rigs. It was a great decision, I am having lots of fun with these rigs. I have seen the new Kenwoods, the Yaesus, and the Icoms, but they just don't quite have the character that these older rigs have, do they? Oh well, I guess thats' what makes it such a great hobby.

I have recently been bitten by the QRP and Home brew bug. There is nothing more exciting, Ham radio-wise, than hearing your own call come back to you when you are using these cool homebuilt rigs! I recently found a neat HW-8, it has some real nice mods and puts out a very fine 2.5 watts. It covers 4 bands, and is in great shape. (Thanks Pickett!)

I am a physical therapist and athletic trainer by profession.

I work at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska. I am responsible for the rehabilitation of athletic injuries, as well as teaching prevention and rehabilitation to student trainers. I work with women's gymnastics, swimming, soccer, golf, tennis, rifle, pretty much everything except mens and womens basketball. My main responsibility is women's gymnastics. I travel with the team during the time from January to April. Everyone here works football, some just a bit more than others.

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