Honey I need a new project....

Econoceanic-5 band xtal radio!

This is my newest project. It is from a very cool old radio link I found about three years ago called Phil's Old Radios I always wanted to try the design out, so I decided to give her a try. It is really quite a simple, yet amazingly detailed design. It was a great project for early summer.

The next part of the text will deal with the building and details of the rig. It is built around one coil form, on which is wound 5 antenna and inductor coils Here it is

complete coil form in front of old Drakesupper coils, #26 enamel wire lower coils, #22 enamel wire

If you look closely you will see 5 separate antenna coils (smaller ones) and 5 separate inductor/tuner coils(larger). Count the turns! What a chore that was to count those 102 turns. I would count out loud and mark down each group of 10 as I wound them. The number 4 on the upper coil view told me where I was on the coil. I divided it into 8 parts. Oh yeah, ever have to wind 5.6 turns??? I held the coils together with a small dab of Elmers glue-all, spread thin over the surface to make them stick. I drilled small 1/8th inch holes in the coil form so the wires wouldn't pull out as I wound them under tension. It was lots of fun to try and thread those wires.

Next I scavenged an old capacitor from an old Zenith radio that was "excess to my needs". (How many times have I told my wife "I may need that someday!") I epoxied that to a Radio Shack plastic hobby box (their largest one). Next I drilled holes for 2-pole 6 circuit switches. (I told you it was complex). Walter Heskes, the designer of the rig also made a neat little decal I could use to tell me exactly where to place switches and markings so it would work "just so". A little playing with my software and the handy color printer at work and voila! A perfect cover decal.

cover decal dimensions

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