KCGXX Project Pages!

I built some neat receivers, it was loads of fun. Give 'em a look!

My Two Versions of Kitchens Regenerative Receiver

I just love old radios. I am collecting a few.. Iffat doesn't share my love for radios! Here are some cool ones

Have a look at my latest passion-Zenith Trans-Oceanics!

I guess I have some cool rigs. My idea was to start from the beginning....well, maybe not that far back. but you get my drift.. Heres some rigs I have

See my other radios

Home Brews! Its what ham radio is ALL ABOUT!!

I just love building radios and receivers I have really learned alot, although sometimes the more I learn the more I learn I don't know! Look here for some of my homebuilt rigs.

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