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Drake R4A

My first. A beautiful rig, it matches the transmitter T4X. This rig was built in early 60's, and still sounds great today. Drake has quite a following amongst the "old-timers", those who really still enjoy the older "glow-bug" radios (Radios that use tubes)

Drake T4X

The transmitter! This rig uses 2 huge finals (tubes for "final" amplifying) that cost about 40 bucks a pair. Pretty wild, but it is a real treat to operate. These two traditionally sit side by side, mine is set so the receiver is on the left, transmitter is on the right. It really glows in the dark, and keeps the shack real warm in the winter.

Here's my brand new receiver. This one is actually the Sangean ATS 909, but mine (Radio Shack DX-398) was built by these guys. This thing really kicks *ss, has TONS of features,. and is loads of fun. It covers virtually ALL frequencies from 100 hertz to 29.999 mHz, AM, FM, Upper Side Band (USB) and Lower Side Band (LSB). Mine is currently using a 300 foot continuos loop antenna, average height maybe 10 feet or so. The ONLY difference from Sangean Rig and the Radio Shack DX-398 is the a) price and b) the little label on the front! RS's radio is about $199.00, less if on sale, Sangean is a bit more!

This is my newest addition. It is a HTX-10 made by Radio Shack. This rig has gotten some great reviews from everyone, and is a real good rig for exploring 10 meters, which is REALLY hot these days. It does SSB, (LSB, and USB) and also FM and AM. I have just started to connect with so many different countries, using only 50 watts. (Radio Shack rates it at 25 watts, but I think I double that output. Others have said the same thing) Anyway, loads of fun, and I use my previously described 102" stainless steel whip roof mounted as the antenna. Please see my page on making a CW coder for this little beauty! I am growing quite an antenna farm!
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